Pastoral Care and Discipline

We seek, in accordance with school policy, to provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which quality teaching and learning can take place.
To this end, each member of staff will ensure that pupils will always be regarded as individuals with their own needs and expectations.

Staff will endeavour to develop in each pupil a sense of personal worth and respect for others.  Central to good pastoral care is the class teacher, the adult to whom the pupil relates most during the school day.  The class teacher is supported by a Safeguarding Team led by the Head of Early Years and consisting of other members of staff with special responsibility for safeguarding issues.

Pupils learn about matters concerning their personal safety and physical well-being, and have opportunities to develop skills, attitudes and abilities which will hopefully enable them to be effective in dealing with anti-social activities, including drugs.  Lessons in road safety and fire / emergency procedures also form part of the curriculum.

Liaison with, and advice from, Health and Social Services, the  Educational Psychology Section of the SEELB, School Medical Services and other outside agencies is sought as required.

An integral part of good pastoral care is discipline and the promotion of positive behaviour.  At Andrews Memorial we are fortunate that the vast majority of our children come from home backgrounds which encourage positive behaviour.  Our policy therefore reflects these attitudes and seeks to reinforce those positive elements of discipline and behaviour which are already apparent in many of our homes.   Praise and encouragement lie at the heart of our discipline policy and, as mentioned earlier, our general aim is to create an environment wherein quality teaching and learning can take place and where children can enhance their self-esteem and develop self discipline.

The addition of a 'House' system in recent years has added a valuable dimension to the promotion of shared values among the pupils, as well as healthy competition to gain house points, whether in a classroom setting or a whole school event.

Where it is found necessary to discipline a pupil for unacceptable behaviour, this will be done in accordance with agreed school guidelines.
In matters relating to pastoral care and behaviour the closest cooperation with parents will be encouraged.

All school policies on safeguarding or pastoral issues can be accessed from this website (the About Us page) and hard copies are available from the school on request.