School Uniform

It is the policy of the school that school uniform should be worn by all children.  The wearing of school uniform has a very positive effect not only with regard to ethos but to standards of discipline and on children’s self esteem.  The uniform helps define our school community, as well as instilling a sense of pride in the children and the staff.  If a child is proud to wear our uniform, we are proud of the child.  The co-operation of parents is greatly appreciated in this respect.

The uniform consists of:

 For boys:  For girls:
 grey trousers grey skirt / pinafore / trousers 
 light blue shirt light blue blouse 
 maroon pullover maroon pullover / cardigan
 or school sweatshirt  or school sweatshirt

Maroon fleeces and polo shirts are also available from suppliers.
School sweatshirts and all other items of uniform are available from:




The following points should also be noted:
• Jeans are not permitted
• Shoes for both boys and girls should be of comfortable design and dark in colour. Dark trainers may be worn if desired. (gym shoes with elasticated sides / tops are ideal for younger children. Soft footwear and suitable attire must be worn by all pupils for physical education classes)
• No headgear (hats, baseball caps, headscarves etc) should be worn inside the school building
• Jewellery, eg necklaces, bracelets, earrings should not be worn in school
(one small stud earring in each ear is acceptable)
• “Extreme” hairstyles are not permitted; these include “spiked,” “gelled,” and “dyed / streaked” hair. The Principal will decide if a particular hairstyle is acceptable or not
• The wearing of make-up is not permitted

All items of clothing brought to school should be clearly marked with the child’s name / initials.