Parent/Teacher Association


The aims of the Parent Teacher Association are:

1.  To organise fund-rasing events for the benefit of all children in the school; and

2.  To organise social events for all parents and children in the school.

The main objective of the PTA is to raise funds to purchase educational and recreational materials for the benefit of all the children at Andrews Memorial.  While some of the events are mainly geared towards fund raising, some are social occasions, when the main emphasis is to provide an opportunity for parents, children and teachers to meet informally for relaxation and enjoyment.  These events also provide valuable opportunities to develop a strong and dynamic community spirit, so central to a school’s standing in, and relationship with, the wider community.

In the past, the PTA has provided computers, software, colour televisions, a PA system, projectors, football strips and stage extensions.  It has also helped us complete the resourcing of every classroom with an interactive whiteboard.  In most recent years, it has helped facilitate the development of outdoor learning and play, as well as the purchase of literary resources for the older children.  This represents a real investment in what are genuinely exciting learning resources of benefit to every pupil.  Financial assistance has also been given to help with the Sports / Prize Fund and Travel Fund.  The current Reading Scheme, the Oxford Reading Tree, and a new numeracy scheme, were provided by the PTA.  It also funds French classes for pupils in Primaries 4 – 7.

Current and future targets include:

  • the continuing provision of outdoor play equipment and the development of the school grounds
  • the continuing maintenance and provision of ICT resources
  • supporting the school in celebrating the 100th birthday of the Andrews Memorial Hall

The PTA is well supported by parents and teachers.  All parents are members and the school will always value their ideas, energy and commitment.