Road Traffic/Safety of Pupils

 All pupils have an opportunity to learn about road safety through outdoor learning activities and the Cycling Proficiency Scheme operates for Primary 7 pupils during the Summer term.

The school is currently one of a number of Active Travel Primary schools, seeking to promote walking, cycling and scooting as part of a healthy lifestyle choice.  Pupils, parents and staff work together on our initiatives and we have gained our Silver Award in recognition of our efforts - the first school in the area to achieve this.

Parents’ cars are not permitted inside the school grounds, except where a parent has prior approval from the Principal because of a child’s or parent’s disability.

Drivers should not park adjacent to the school entrance, ie the area where the School Crossing Patrol operates.  Parents should be aware that if the crossing patrol is absent for any reason, the SEELB are under no statutory obligation to provide a replacement.  While the school will liaise closely with the local PSNI / Traffic Wardens and ask for assistance, there may be occasions when the school crossing patrol will not be in operation.  On such occasions, the school will inform parents at the earliest opportunity.