October 2016

Yes, we're a little early, but better that this news is at the start of a month rather than the end - nice pics, you see!

We celebrated European Day of Languages on 26 September in style - with a non-uniform day, lots of dressing up in national costume and, most impressively of all, a wonderful array of face-painted flags. Thanks to all for their support!  We also raised £284 for our school fund.  We must thank Mrs Jensen for her idea and organisation, and Miss Hall and Mrs Hamilton, our P2 team, for their brilliant dressing up!

With French and Spanish lessons for P4-7 pupils starting up next week, we think we did our bit for European unity.  And with Mandarin lessons for P5 and P6 children already in place, our international curriculum is really taking shape!

Attendance Policy

Following revised guidelines and advice from the Education Authority and the Department of Education, we have written a new Policy on Attendance.  Attendance for every child really does matter; irregular or poor attendance has a significant impact on not only a child's experience of learning, but on his/her ability to learn and attitudes towards school.  In other words, if a child is at school, they can achieve much more and enjoy much more.  As is our regular practice, we want to give parents the opportunity to look at the policy before we adopt it formally.  Please take a few minutes to read it and, if you wish to contract the school, just contact us through the normal channels.

Policy on Attendance - draft

Those of you who are frequent users of our website will know that we take great pride in reporting our pupils' sporting participation and successes.  Events are just getting started now, so do keep an eye out for more news soon.  This month our P6/7 Cross-Country league teams were in action for the first time at Downpatrick.  All credit to the girls and boys for their efforts - there were some very encouraging results.  Time for more training before the next event, too.

September 2016

Hello again everyone, and welcome to the new school year.  Isn't it great to see the sun come out as we start back??

We'll update this page as the month goes on, but a few reminders may be useful now.

This term's dinner menus can be accessed by clicking on the links below.  The 'no choice' menu is for P1 pupils, once they start taking dinners in October.  Each pupil will also receive a paper copy of the menu.

Please note the date of the children's Christmas Dinner (Wednesday 7 December 2016); we will not be sending extra reminders about this, so it will be first-come, first-served.

The kitchen do host occasional 'special menu' days, too, so keep an eye out for these dates.  The first is a Hallowe'en Special, on Thursday 27 October.

No Choice Menu, Term 1

Choice Menu, Term 1

As always, you will receive paperwork in the coming week in relation to contact details, permission for use of images and child protection.  We would really appreciate you taking the time to fill these forms in accurately and return them to school as soon as possible.

The website calendar will be updated as dates/events are finalised; please check when you can.  We will also be continuing our twitter feed - you can access it via the main website, and you can follow us on @AndrewsMPS.  Please do!

For now, let's all get settled in and enjoy the rest of the sunshine...

The beginning of the year is most exciting for our new P1 pupils and families; we are always delighted to welcome them to Andrews and see how quickly they settle into school life.  And that includes the parents!  Our P1 Curriculum Evening was really well attended, too, so here's hoping this interest and engagement will follow through the years ahead.

Here are a few pictures of the early days, including the first AMPS plum harvest!  The plum tree at the main entrance to the school has yielded a fantastic crop this year; the P1s picked them and stewed them; the staff ate them...

A regular September highlight is the visit of Don Scott, our very own 'Owl Man', as he brings along some of his hand-reared owls to meet the P4 children as they start their first topic of the year.  The hat is to signify a birthday, not for any kind of personal protection.  Aside from the normally discussed feathers, talons, eyes and feeding habits, one of Don's owls had a particularly unusual talent - the ability to bark, yes, bark.  Like a dog!  Apparently that's the sound it first heard as a chick...

as we near the end of our first month, all the various after-school activities are up and running.  This is a part of our provision that we are extremely proud of - with a large range of activities being offered by external providers as well as our own staff.  Please click on the link for staff-led activities below.  Note, too, that these are free, but not necessarily open to all children in the school.  They are worth waiting for, however!

Teacher-led after-school activities Term 1


June 2016

Well, here we are, June has arrived again!  But what a great start with the weather, so here's hoping!


Summer Raffle winners - click here to se if it's you!

End of term letter - click here


We begin this month with wonderful news about two of our pupils who made it through to the N. Ireland finals of the Rotary Club's Young Musician of the Year.  We are so proud of both girls and know that they contribute so much to the musical life of the school as well as to their respective groups and instruments outside Andrews.

Any regular visitor to our website will be familiar with all our work in support of Active Travel and we were rewarded in two lovely ways for our commitment recently.  First, the incoming Chief Executive of Sustrans UK, along with a delegation of his staff from Belfast, brought him all the way along the Greenway to Comber - and to our school!  Thanks to Xavier and his team for all their support and interest.  And to Tom, our own link officer, a special thanks for organising the visit.  Tom also presented the school with a brand new bicycle for us to present to a lucky girl/boy before the end of the year.  For news on how to have a chance of receiving the bike, you'll have to keep an eye on the website - and the twitter window!  

Remember that certain events in school are now being tweeted and can be accessed from the window on the left side of the website screen.  You don't need to have a twitter account to see our tweets either - but we'd lie lots of followers, so feel free to join up!

Our P7s are about to embark on their annual residential trip to Holland, staying in Noordwijk on the North Sea coast and visiting lots of lovely places, in Amsterdam and beyond.  This year we are experimenting with twitter and hoping to use it to let everyone know what we're up to throughout the trip, so it's another request to access that all-important wee window... Please have a check on the Calendar page for the forthcoming end of year events - they're always great fun and special occasions to mark the end of another great year in Andrews!

This month sees us welcome our new P1 pupils into school to spend some time with their new classmates and teachers.  Parents also have the chance to share a cuppa - and, we hope, begin to feel at home in our school family.

We also welcomed the children who are coming to Andrews from Jiminy Cricket's Pre-School Club to our P1 playground.  They had lots of fun and the staff from school and Jiminy's were able to share important information regarding the children as they prepare for their transition to school.  Perhaps even more importantly, the P1s were able to share important school information with the Jiminy's children!

We welcome children from a large number of pre-school providers, remember, but if one group shares part of our site, they do have an added advantage in getting to know the grounds at least!  We're also delighted that in their recent inspection, they received an excellent report - keeps us all on our toes!


Now, for those of you following us on Twitter (the window is on the left of the screen), you will hopefully be aware of how to enter 'the draw' for the bike shown in the picture below - a bike built by us with the help of Tom, our Sustrans officer.  It's great - and a lovely colour, too - and it's been tested!


You can also be entered for the draw by emailing the school from this website - see the Contact tab for the address.  Our Facebook master will be creating an 'event', too, so there are plenty of ways to enter - just as long as it's done without paper!


Good luck!

Hot off the press...  We've just retained our Green Flag in recognition of all our wonderful Eco work - fabulous work from everyone, as it really is everyone who contributes.  Of course, when it comes to the BIG VISIT, the Eco Council take the lead in the tour and in answering the assessor's questions.  This year was no exception in terms of our pupils' brilliant contributions.  Paul Moore, from Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful was very impressed!  We must also recognise the hard work and dedication of Mr Skimin and Mrs Moorhead, who coordinate the children's learning and make sure all the boxes are ticked.  The best thing about attaining Green Flag status is the fact that the children MUST be involve at all levels of the learning, including the planning and coordinating.  It is also the children who the assessor spends the most time with on the day.  This is our third Green Flag - long may this work be at the centre of our school's ethos.

As we move into the last week of the school year, we still have some great news for you...

Mr Sandford - the very, very brave Mr Sandford - our Vice Principal, successfully completed his parachute jump in support of Marie Curie at the start of the month.  We can now report that the Andrews Memorial family - as it always does with charity - supported him generously.  To date, he has raised £620.  More will come in this month and we'll organise a presentation for him in the Autumn, so if you feel like adding anything to the collection, you can still do so.

Well done, Mr Sandford and thanks to everyone for their support!

Finally, as we bring the year to a close, here is a small selection from the end of year events.  All were fantastic and brilliantly supported - thank you!

P1-3 Sports Day

P4-7 Sports Day



P7 trip to Amsterdam

Aladdin - our P7 production