September 2013

Hello, and welcome back to another school year!

At least on this occasion, we can all say we've had plenty of sun.

For anyone wanting to check the term dates and holidays for the 2013-14 school year, please visit the Calendar page.  We will do our best to update the page as the school diary fills up.  It will, too!

As we enter the final year of our School Development Plan (2011-2014), it is our duty to remind and update you on the main target areas of the plan - just click on June 2013.  Should you wish to receive a hard copy of this document, please let us know.  We will also make some copies available at the forthcoming Curriculum Evenings.

September is a very special, indeed unique, time for one of our year groups.  Our new pupils in Primary 1 are just beginning what we hope will be an exciting year and an exciting time at school.  A short visit to their classrooms brings a smile to everyone's face.  Their smiles and enthusiasm remind us all why we do this job!  Already, Miss Larkham - and now Mrs Connolly - along with Mrs Knaggs and Mrs Moorhead, feel the children are well settled and relaxed in school - much credit to the staff team, of course!

Here are some pictures from the children's first few weeks at Andrews Memorial...

We wish all our new pupils well!

Our other new class format sees Primary 3 children sharing a room with Primary 4 pupils - again, we are proud to say how quickly and happily the children have settled.  Thanks also to Mrs Hanafin for her commitment to the class, and to Mrs Allen and Miss Hall for their support.  Here is a selection of their artwork from recent weeks, including - as is a must for this time of year - two photos from the recent visit by Don Scott, the 'Owl Man'.  Don is the first visitor to the school each year and always proves very popular with the children - as do his 'guests'...


Another development in the children's learning that we are starting this term sees the introduction of 'Skills-based Learning'.  This is essentially a programme of topic-related skills-based activities for the older pupils in Key Stage 2 (P5-7).  Like the Play-based Learning (P1&2) and Activity-based Learning (P3&4), these activities are designed to promote more active learning, with pupils working in self-managed groups around a range of activities, both in the classroom and in the activity areas.  Our school is perfectly suited to this type of programme because of the shared areas.  The SBL for the older pupils really develops and extends the skills that are a strong focus in the earlier years, but which matter every bit as much as we get older.  The pictures here show the P5 pupils at work...

Keep an eye out for the year group News Sheets soon.  Everyone is settling into school really well and we're all looking forward to another great year!

Our final piece of September news sees us welcome our new school crossing patrol, Mr John Dunn, to the Andrews Memorial family.  Mr Dunn joins us after many years' service with the transport unit of the SEELB.  We wish him well in his efforts to keep us all safe and hope that everyone is crossing the road safely - that is, where and when he tells them to.