December 2015

We'll begin this month with the really important information regarding September 2016 admissions, as the enrolment period is now underway...

Please click on the link below to access the official application form and guidance notes; admission can only be gained to the school of your choice by completing this form and leaving it into your first-choice school by midday on 13 January 2016.

Primary admissions September 2016

You are very welcome to attend our Open Morning & Evening, too, where you will see our wonderful school in action.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Open Morning: Friday 4 December 2015 - tours at 9.30am & 11.15am

Open Evening: Thursday 7 January 2016 - from 6.30pm

As Christmas approaches, please check out the class/year group News Sheets to find out more about what's going on - it's a wonderfully busy and exciting time in school!


Speaking of things exciting and wonderful, we've just marvelled and enjoyed a visit from Scientific Sue!  She gave us two fabulous shows that showed how exciting and fun science can be.  Of course, with Mr Sandford here, we pretty well aware of that already, but the more the merrier!  Note that dragons really do breathe fire...

Somewhere where fun was most definitely not on the agenda for a child in Victorian times was Crumlin Road Gaol...  However, as part of their study of the Victorians, we thought we'd give our P7 pupils a little taste of what life was like for a child unfortunate enough - or guilty enough - to be incarcerated in this famous prison.  We toured the cells, met a prisoner, were forced to meet the loathsome Warden, and even took in a walk along the famous tunnel...  Thankfully, this experience for children as young as 7 belongs very firmly in the distant past!

And as Christmas does begin to happen...

Here are two photos of our wonderful P7 pupils singing in Comber at Supervalu - their second performance of the day after entertaining a large crowd at St Mary's during the Farmers' Market.

We are delighted and very proud to announce that five of our musicians were playing for the Education Authority's SE regional band at the Ulster Hall this month.  They are Kathryn Finlay, Will Kirkpatrick, Katie Stevenson, Rhianna Geddis and Michael Lytle.  Well done to all!

We will post some photographs from our Christmas Services and the Nativity Play over the next week.  You can have a look at/reminder of the Christmas Service programmes by clicking on the links below:

P4-5 Christmas Service

P6-7 Christmas Service

These pictures are a selection from both services.

Moving on to our final performances of 2015 - our P1-3 Nativity Play, entitled The Hoity Toity Angel.  Again, to a full hall on both occasions, our pupils excelled in their performances of this new play - congratulations to everyone involved!

To finish the term on a healthy note, we had two Santa Buses on a dark and wet morning - but look how we brightened everyone's day!

And finally, to all of you from all of us, have a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing and happy Christmas... 


November 2015

First of all this month, we have to show you our P6 pupils having a wonderful time at 'Seaboard' - otherwise known as Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre.  This trip is a real highlight of the P6 year, indeed of all the years a child attends our school, and was once again a huge success.  The children had a go at all the activities, many of them completely new to them, and they represented the school with genuine pride.  The pictures tell at least some of their story...

 This month will see the school begin its preparations for Christmas in earnest, so check out our notes and website Calendar to keep track of all that's going on.  We'll also be preparing for Open Morning (4 December) and Open Evening (7 January), as we begin the process of enrolment for September 2016.  Please check the Home page for more information and our Admissions Criteria.  Better still, come along and view the school in action!

This month saw our first Bike and Walking Buses of the year - and what a great turn out of children and adults!  Well of 60 participants enjoyed a healthy walk, cycle and scoot to school, then a lovely healthy breakfast!  Well done and thanks to everyone who took part.  See you the next time, for there is sure to be at least one...



October 2015

We'll begin this month by thanking everyone for their interest in and attendance at September's Curriculum Evenings.  We appreciate your efforts in coming and hope that we have managed to answer some lingering questions, as well as signpost the year ahead.  School is only one part of any child's learning environment; we need your support to allow your children to reach their full potential, so we're always keen to engage with families and work together.  The teachers' presentations will be uploaded to the website soon.

We would also draw your attention to the Year Group News Sheets.  These will tell you more about what's been going on in each year group - you may even see some pictures of your children!

The Board of Governors produce an Annual Report each year and this has now been uploaded to the About Us page.  You are welcome to receive a hard copy of this report, or you can just click here.