October 2015

We'll begin this month by thanking everyone for their interest in and attendance at September's Curriculum Evenings.  We appreciate your efforts in coming and hope that we have managed to answer some lingering questions, as well as signpost the year ahead.  School is only one part of any child's learning environment; we need your support to allow your children to reach their full potential, so we're always keen to engage with families and work together.  The teachers' presentations will be uploaded to the website soon.

We would also draw your attention to the Year Group News Sheets.  These will tell you more about what's been going on in each year group - you may even see some pictures of your children!

The Board of Governors produce an Annual Report each year and this has now been uploaded to the About Us page.  You are welcome to receive a hard copy of this report, or you can just click here.

September 2015

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the new school year!

We hope that for each and every one of you, parents and pupils, this year will be enjoyable and fulfilling; challenging, too, in a positive way!

The website calendar will be populated as the term begins to unfold; the holiday details are already there.  Please keep an eye on the website for school news and information.  If you can't find something, please let us know!

Following our wonderful Andrews Hall centenary celebrations last year, we hope that our hall will continue to be a focus for community events, and we are delighted to start the year with a celebration of young musical talent.  Please click on the link below for further details - and please try and support both the school and these young musicians with your attendance.

An Evening Recital - 10 September 2015, 7.30pm

What a wonderful evening it was, too!  A very appreciative audience was treated to the amazing talent of these young musicians, most ably accompanied by Tom's father, Gary, one our long-standing music tutors.  The school shared the proceeds of this concert with Comber Rotary Club's nominated charity, Northern Ireland Music Therapy Trust, and we very much hope that our wonderful Andrews Hall will host similar events in the future.

And so to our own pupils and the very special group that are starting their journey with us, the new P1s...  We always try and bring you a selection of pictures as they start their year, so we hope you enjoy these.  Play-based learning is an integral and critically important part of the P1 day; in our school, the children's active learning is further enhanced by their harvesting of the produce from our raised vegetable bed.  You can see the children proudly displaying their pea harvest - just before they made a rather wonderful pea risotto, as well as showing off the new apples in our orchard.

Finally for this month, we wanted to share some sporting success stories of our past pupils.  Many of our pupils go on to achieve success in a number of fields.  Our local schools are sprinkled with prefects and Head Girls/Boys who are former Andrews' pupils; similarly their teams contain many children who started their competitive sporting interests here.  Some, however, go on to even greater things and represent their province/country.  We thought it only appropriate to recognise three this month.  Kyle Van Giesen, currently of Regent House School, is a member of the Ulster U-18 schools' side that recently competed in the schools' Inter-provincial series.  He is still a prop, as he was here, but he's a lot bigger and stronger!  George Tipton, of Nendrum College, is following in the footsteps of his dad, Matthew, and beginning to make his mark as a talented footballer.  George is currently playing for N. Ireland's U-14 team.  Natasha Morton, now at Bloomfield Collegiate, gained Irish representative honours in 2015 at U-17 and U-19 level in ladies' cricket.  Peter McKibbin, also of Regent House School, has represented and captained Ulster and Ireland at U-16 and U-18 level.  He has also represented both at U-21 level.

We wish all of them every success in their chosen sporting arenas - and hope that they have fond memories of their sporting lives with us, as all made telling contributions to our teams' success when they were here!


June 2015

You can access our School Develpment Plan summary for the 2014-15 school year by clicking on the link below.  Hard copies will be made available in Spetember 2015 & the Principal will outline key targets at the Curriculum evenings during the same month.

SDP June Summary 2015

After what was an incredibly busy May sports-wise, we begin this month's news with a reminder of our wonderful Andrews Hall Centenary Festival.  The whole event - series of events - was very special, indeed, and we have reported on it in April's News page.  This month, sees us adding to the website the selection of children's photos of the hall - all of which are going to be reproduced on a special 'commemorative banner' that we can use for school promotional events.

Our website policy stops us naming the children alongside their pictures, but we're sure you'll agree that they did themselves proud.  We will give them all full credit, of course, on the banner itself.  The pictures will all be uploaded very soon.

Here's hoping for great weather for our Sports Days this week:

P1-3 Wednesday 10 June, 11am-12pm - pictures below


P4-7 Friday 12 June, 1.30-3pm - pictures below

The banner was designed by one of our pupils, Ruby Rebbeck, so thanks to her for that.  Her prize was the banner production itself, as well as some sports equipment for the school.


From all of us, have a wonderful summer holiday - see you at the end of August!