November 2017

Notes for Parents & Carers:

8 November 2017

15 November 2017

29 November 2017

November, at least the start of it, is all about our big new project and how we hope you can help us create the Andrews Community Digital Hub.  The PTA has already started campaigning in earnest, through its Facebook page, and a grant application for an Aviva Community Award has already been shortlisted for a £10000 award.  However, that's just the first stage.  Now we need our whole school community to register and vote to get us across the line!

The link to the project voting page is below - please take a few moments to register and vote.  You can also access the link via our twitter feed.

Vote here

You will hear lots more about our plans in the weeks to follow - as the hub is just the start of it!  Whether we get the grant or not, we are still aiming to create the hub alongside our new library as part of our drive to maintain and improve our ICT and literacy provision for all our pupils, as well as to open up access to the wider community.

Our PTA came into school to make a video to help with the promotion of the voting challenge - we'll upload that just as soon as we can, but we are 'in role'...

And then here's the Director working hard, too!

And here's the finished product - one week to go, everyone, so let's get on our case!

Our wee video