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June 2012

Welcome to the last News Page of the 2011-12 school year - and what a year it has been!

We begin this month by highlighting progress made on our School Development Plan for 2011-14.  A summary of the plan is available by clicking here, or you can request a paper copy from the school.  We hope you will take the time to have a look at the main issues facing our development over the three years, including those that we have faced this year.  A full version of the plan will be published in the Autumn, which will include more detail on costs, timescales and detailed curricular action plans.

Please take a few minutes to read the Revised Ethos Statement for the school.  This is your chance to feed back to us on the content of the statement, which will also be presented to the pupils.  It is our intention that, once approved, this statement will appear on all school communication, including the website - so it is important that you read it.

As promised, we have now uploaded our fabulous Titanic Dock photo from Sunday 17 June 2012.  The picture you see here is a 'small' version.  By clicking on it, you can access the original picture, which you can then save to your own computer before printing.  You should also be able to zoom in and maybe even find yourself!

Our Primary 4 children always study the topic of Titanic around the anniversary of the sinking.  Of course, this year has seen their work undertaken as part of the school's own commemorations, but we are always looking out for ways of developing this very interesting and relevant World Around Us topic. This year, we were privileged to have a visit from Maurice Blease, former lecturer at Stranmillis College, who has written a poem called 'Titanic' which has been added to a painting by Malcolm Bennett, to make a 'poster poem'.  You can read more about this innovative project on the Primary 4 News Sheet, but reproduced here is the poster poem which Maurice has very generously donated to the school.  Please do check out the P4 page, as you'll be able to read and view the children's own poster poems.

And now for the results from our Mini Olympics, held on 25 June 2012, a date that linked lots of schools in a World Sport Day.  Those of you who managed to attend will have witnessed a great afternoon, with all the children busy, competitive, happy and engaged for the whole afternoon.  We very much hope that the format is here to stay.  We must thank Jackie at Comber Rec for his superb laying out of the grounds and our own Miss Rodgers for her vision, planning and determination to make the event happen.

Click on results and all will be revealed...

Here are a few photographic reminders, not only of the Olympics, but firstly of our P1-3 Sports Day, which took place on 20 June 2012, again in dry weather!

Even more brilliantly, one of our mums, Clare Childs, who was an Olympic Torch relay runner when the Torch came to N. Ireland, volunteered to bring her torch to both Sports Days.  You might just be able to pick her out in her trendy, one-off, white tracksuit!

Clare also came to the Mini Olympics and the children ran a mini torch relay to signal the start of the afternoon's events.  We all paraded through Comber to Comber Rec's grounds with our flags and team kits, too.  It was an 'Olympian' day in every respect!

From all of us at Andrews Memorial, have a wonderful, safe, relaxing and sunny summer holiday - see you back here in September.