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May 2012

This school year has seen us remembering a number of important dates.  The 11 May 2012 can now be added to the list, for it was on this date that the school acquired its first 'Green Flag' - the emblem of an Eco-School.

Congratulations must go to Mr Skimin who coordinated the year's events and initiatives; to Mrs Moorhead who added her own creative style to the work of the younger children, in particular; and most importantly of all, to all the children who got behind the scheme, brought in their healthy breaks, cycled to school and kept the momentum going.  We must also thank our families, as their cooperation and support was very much behind the scheme's success.

The judges were very impressed by our efforts - but well-kept files, litter-free grounds, Eco initiatives and bright noticeboards are only part of a successful application.  Ultimately, it is the judges assessment of the children's input and actions that gains the flag.  And yet again, our pupils came up trumps!  To attain the flag after just one year is impressive work, indeed, but we know that this is just the start.  However, with our commitment to the World Around Us and developing the school grounds, we're confident that we're on the road to further success.  For example, keep an eye on the area beside the cycle shelter - there's another new structure taking shape...


As May drew to a close, the Andrews Hall became home, as it does every year, to our school production.  This year, we decided that there was only one course of action and that was to investigate the production of 'The Boat Factory', by local playright and actor, Dan Gordon.  The play was a huge hit with the pupils and audiences; on the opening night we were even more pivileged to have Dan there, too!  Our thanks to everyone who made the effort to attend , and to Mrs Barry who directed and produced the play.  The cast of pupils, as ever, was outstanding and put on another, 'the best P7 play ever...' - until next year, that is!  You can see photos from the production on the Gallery page.  We're just including one here, of the whole cast taken outside the Andrews Hall.