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February 2012

What a month!

Our school is aiming to achieve Eco-School status this year.  We've told you about our work already, but we spent a day in Newry finding out lots more about Eco-Schools and how we can sustain our work in Andrews.  After all, this must be an ongoing project, not just 'something good to do for 2011-12'...

Pictured below with Dr Ian Humphrey, Tidy NI, Mr Jan Erikson, President FEE, Environment Minister, Mr Alex Attwood MLA, Mr Bernard Holland, International Eco-Schools Coordinator and Miss Carmel Fyfe, Eco-Schools Manager are our two intrepid Eco activists!

As another stage in our resourcing of outldoor learning opportunities, we decicided to plant a hedge to create a 'natural auditorium' for the children to learn / perform / play in.  We will need a stage eventually!  The plants were provided free of charge by the Woodland Trust, in celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee.  We also have an oak tree to plant, again courtesy of the Trust  - very soon!  The pictures below show the children planting the hedge - we'll publish more once the plants begin to grow and take shape.

Those of you who have been with us for the last three years of this website, will be well aware of the importance, the fun, the challenge, the briliance of the P6 trip to Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre, known forever in these parts as Seaboard.  What's even more significant, is that the accompanying teachers think exactly the same!  You can view pictures on the Gallery page  - here are a few tasters...

Last year, we initiated our own Technology Challenge here at Andrews.  The event was repeated this year, with 8 schools taking part.  We are very grateful to Dr Chris Stange for his sponsorship of this event and his continuing commitment to our school.  Chris is an old friend of the school through his Fairtrade connections.  Next month sees us hosting a  heat of the SEELB's Technology Challenge - as last year's winners and as part of our links to the Titanic Centenary year.  Thomas Andrews, afer all, was one of this country's most brilliant designers, so where better to host an event, especially for the young innovators of the future?

As a treat for half-term, our PTA hosted two fun events for the children - a P1-3 disco - 'themed' to the 80s / 90s and a playstation & pizza afternnon for the P4-7 pupils.  Our thanks to the PTA committee for their organisation of both.  The children did have fun and the pizza disappeared in record time, leaving a few teachers and parents open (and empty) mouthed!  Here are some pictures of the younger children 'throwing' a few moves...

Finally for this month, we celebrated the 100th day at school.  Every class, every pupil, every teacher spent a busy morning thinking up different and interesting ways to celebrate this important date.  We had 100 footprints around the corridor; we had models made from 100 lollipop sticks and 100 pieces of lego; we had 100 seconds silence (yes, really…); we had a 100 teddy bear picnic; we had a list of our 100 favourite French words; we made lots of patterns with 100 beads and cubes, we drew pictures of what we’d look like aged 100, we made domino dots add up to 100, we surveyed 100 children about their healthy break.  And lots, lots more!