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September 2011

The wind is blowing, the sun is out, the rain is pouring, it is calm now; the wind is blowing, the sun is out, it's pouring...  Again and again...  It must be September!  Oh, and 'they're' talking about snow by the end of October...

But, we're back!  Welcome to the new school year; welcome, for those who have just joined us, to your Andrews Memorial.

September is about all the children - and parents - settling in and getting used to new classrooms, new teachers and new routines.  We would like to thank all those parents who took the time to support the teachers at their recent Curriculum Evenings.  Our thanks, also, to the PTA, for providing the refreshments.  Copies of the teachers' powerpoints will be posted on the website shortly, although they only provide the 'skeleton' structure to the year ahead.  Should you wish to speak to any staff member in school, we appreciate you making an appointment for a mutually convenient time.  All parents will also have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher at the forthcoming Parent-Teacher Consultations during the week beginning 24 October 2011 (see the website Calendar).

You may also find relevant information in our Safeguarding Policies, accessed from the About Us page of the website.  Paper copies of all policies are available on request from the school office.

Don't forget to have a look at our year group newsheets (which you can access from the right-hand-side of this page), as they will give you a more detailed picture of what's going on in school.

September is always a very special time for our new Primary 1 pupils, and their parents, we hope!  Settling into school is quite a challenge, even if the children have spent a year or more at a pre-school.  We are so fortunate to have a superb staff team here, and the children feel like they belong very quickly indeed.  Look at all these smiles for starters...

Our Primary 4 pupils study a wide variety of topics within the World Around Us part of the curriculum.  September just wouldn't be September without their first special visitor - Don Scott, the 'owl man'.  Here's Don, and friend, with some of his captive audience of this year's pupils...

September also saw the start of the football season, with our squad looking very promising in training under their new coach, Mr Skimin.  We're delighted that he has taken up the mantle after Mr Ferguson's retirement last June and wish him and his squad every success this year.  The squad has a healthy mix of older and younger, experienced and less-experienced players.  And contrary to that famous Alan Hansen comment that you never win anything with kids, here at Andrews we seem to win rather a lot with ours...  Click here for more football news, and a picture of the team!