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February 2011

February, now that's in the middle of the winter; it's cold; the days are short.

So, what better way to survive than to go on an outdoor pursuit residential trip?

Well, it is a great idea and a truly wonderful experience for the children.  Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre - Seaboard to just about everyone - has everything to make a great school triip.  The staff are absolutely brilliant; the food gets gulped down; there is an endless supply of yummy buns; and then there are all the activities and challenges - canoeing, dry bouldering / scrambling, archery, the climbing wall, the adventure walk, making a fire, putting a duvet case on, orienteering, chilling out, sleeping in until 7.30am...

This trip is a true highlight of the Andrews Memorial experience.  The P6 children just love it!  And we are proud of every single one of them.  Not only do they do their very best to meet the challenges and have a go at new activities, they listen and cooperate with all the instructors - they are true ambassadors!

The pictures tell their own story...

If you log on to the Gallery page of the website, you'll find more pictures from Seaboard 2011.

Our Primary 7 pupils continued their quest for stories about the Andrews Hall this month.  Armed with pens and questionnaires, they set about interviewing our visiting elder citizens about their experiences in the hall.  Lots more information came to the fore - sliding down the bannisters, hiding in the bushes, dressing up for the dances, meeting the love of one's life...  And more!  We're really looking forward to continuing this project during the next school year; it's lovely, however, for our current P7s to build the foundations before they leave in June.