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October 2010

Two important reminders first of all...

Please check the year group news sheets to the right of this page to access more information about what's been happening in school.  You will find the latest news there and, along with this page, you should be right up to date!

Our Curriculum Evening Powerpoint presentations are also now on the website - accessed from their own Powerpoint tab at the top of any page.  We will be adding an edited version of the P1 presentation from last May, too.

And to this month's news...

The month got off to a raucous start with the Image Musical Theatre Company's performance of Wind in the Willows.  Of course, much of the fun was in the company's intense training and promotion of acting talent from within the audience.  Check out the pictures below!

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to attend the October Parent-Teacher Consultations.  This is a very important and timely meeting to share views on how the children are settling in to their new classes, as well as update parents on academic progress.  It also allows parents to get to know the class teacher a little bit better.  We are still intending to hold a second series of consultations in the second term, but please remember that our doors are always open.

The choir were delighted to have the opportunity to lead the evening Harvest Service in the Non-subscribing Presbyterian Church on Sunday, 17 October.  The children sang beautifully to a packed church - thanks to all of them for representing their school with such distinction.  Of course, we are also very fortunate to have genuinely supportive parents, many of whom also took the time to attend the service.

The choir and orchestra also featured prominently in our annual Harvest Services in the Andrews Hall on Thursday, 21 October.  These are always lovely occasions for our whole school community - as shown by the full attendances at both services.  All the children in the school read, sang and played beautifully.  We were treated to an extremely relevant and interesting talk by one of our parents, Mr Richard Spratt, who works for Fields of Life, building schools and supporting communities in Africa.  Once again, the Andrews Memorial generosity shone through, with £470 being raised at the retiring collections.

While recognising the children's talents and parents' support, we must also pay tribute to the dedication and support shown by the whole staff in preparing the children for these services and community events.  A special thanks, of course, must go to Mrs Anne Knaggs, our Music Coordinator, without whom we simply couldn't deliver what has become, and will continue to be, the school's famed musical provision.

A tradition that is becoming a firm favourite in the Andrews' calendar is the Family Fun and Hallowe'en Night.  Once again, the weather was perfect and we brought the half term to an explosive end with our fireworks display and children's discos.  Our thanks to the PTA for helping organise this event - every year it gets a little bigger and we really do rely on parents' support to make it happen.  The PTA also hosted a pub quiz in McBride's as a 'curtain raiser' to its year of fund-raising, which proved a popular and relatively competitive evening!