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September 2010

Welcome back - and happy new year!

In case you still haven't got the list, click here for this year's term dates and holidays.

It's been a lovely week to return to school, with the sun shining and all the children able to get outside to play.  We extend a special welcome to all our new pupils and their families.  May your time at Andrews be happy, safe, exciting, challenging and fulfilling.

This year will be a busy one - isn't every one - but with the Titanic Centenary fast approaching, the school is well underway in its planning for the event.  The 31 May 2011 marks the centenary of the ship's launch - a genuine cause for celebration, given Comber's links to Thomas Andrews Jr and the world-leading innovation of the people of this region and its shipyard.  During the 2011-12 school year, we will be hosting a series of events, culminating in a commemoration of the tragedy that took so many lives, on 15 April 2012.

We will keep everyone informed of progress through the website and other media.  Should you have any ideas, suggestions or contributions, please get in touch.

September is such an important month, as the school prepares itself for the year ahead.  It is a busy time and we appreciate everyone's hard work in 'doing their bit' to get us underway.  For the first time, we decided to present a series of Curriculum Evenings, with all the teachers making a presentation about the year ahead - outlining preparation, routines, future topics and significant new learning challenges.  Copies of the powerpoint presentations will be available here soon.

Some year groups have already produced 'September newsheets' for you.  You can access these via the links on the right of this page - please do so, as there are more pictures included.

Of course, the two year groups facing the most immediate challenges, at opposite ends of our learning spectrum, are P1 and P7.  Below, you can witness a little snapshot of life in each - with one very obvious common theme...  Smiles!

Welcome to Andrews!



P7 bridge-building challenge...  So far, so good!

Manufacturing pinhole cameras - easy!

A real highlight of the month saw the school celebrating European Languages Day with a French breakfast - with authentic French cuisine and waiting staff...  More than eighty guests witnessed the joie de vivre au cafe!