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June 2010

As Cliff famously sang, "We're all goin' on a summer holiday..."

We hope you are looking forward to yours, too!  We were really lucky with the weather this year -  the sun shone.  And shone.  And shone.  So all our outdoor play and sports days took place without delay or rescheduling.

The beginning of June saw our Primary 7 children visit Paris for what was a wonderful trip.  They saw the sights, shopped as much as possible (which is never quite enough...) and, very importantly, spent time enjoying each other's company before moving on to their new schools in September.  The children, as we always find, were a real credit to the school and their families.  Towards the end of June, our P7 Leavers' Assembly paid tribute to the many talents and achievements of the children.  We hope their memories of Andrews are fond and that they will continue to be worthy ambassadors for the school.  Let's hope they all have a bright and exciting future ahead!

Our Family Fun Day was again a huge success this year.  Comber Rec did us proud, providing a superb venue for the  P4-7 Sports Day, as well as the various games and displays.  We were delighted to welcome the Fire Service and the RNLI to this year's event, too.

On Wednesday 23 June, we hosted the Primary 1-3 End of Year Service, a PTA uniform sale and then our P1-3 Sports Day.  It was a busy morning, but a really enjoyable one.  The PTA also provided tea and coffee for the mums and dads while the children had their break before changing into their sports kit.

Both sports days were extremely well supported by parents and both had a real sense of celebration as the school year drew to a close.

Last year we enjoyed a Wild West Fest in school; this year, we focused on Rock 'n' Roll!  There was plenty of jiving and twisting, rocking and rolling - and some great costumes.  Here's a taster...

Our Primary 7 children leave school with a mixture of emotions.  This year, they were joined by one of their teachers, Mrs Kee, who has retired after sixteen years at Andrews.  At the Leavers' Assembly, Mrs Kee spoke of her mixed feelings at leaving, just like the P7s; sadness at leaving a great school, but excitement about what the future holds.  We wish her well and will be thinking of her on a beach somewhere in September, just as we're getting stuck back into the school year!  We hope to see lots of her photos soon, taken with the digital camera the staff and pupils presented her with on leaving.

Do have a look on the Gallery page of the website, too - there are lots of photos updated from the end of the year.  There are also class newsheets that can be accessed from the links at the side of this page.

Finally, have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing summer holiday - see you in September!