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May 2010

This month, we decided to add a more personal touch to our news.  Each year group has provided their own piece, accessed from the links at the right of the screen.

Of course, some news is worth sharing on this page, too, so keep an eye...

As reported last month, our mini rugby squad have been training really hard for a number of events.  Friday 14 May saw the squad compete in the Ravenhill Blitz, coming away with an unblemished record of playing 4 matches and winning 4 matches.  This was an ourtstanding achievement and a fitting tribute to our gorgeous new kit's first season!  Well done to all the players, coaches and brilliantly vocal supporters!

Following the choir's participataion in a service at 2nd Comber in January, we were delighted to receive an invitation to lead the evening service at St Mary's on Sunday 23 May.  It was simply wonderful to hear the children's voices in a church with such superb acoustics.  It was a lovely evening, with the children representing the school in an exemplary manner.

Our last big event for the month saw the 'opening' of our cycle shelter on Thursday 27 May.  Following a period of beautiful weather, the rain decided to return just in time for the children and parents arriving...  However, we managed!  BBQs were lit, games were organised both inside and outside, and we were treated to some exciting BMX riding in the Andrews Hall.  Finally, two pupils, one from P1 and one from P2 cut the ribbon to unveil our fantastic shelter - pictures to follow.

We are grateful to Aaron for showing his skills on the BMX and to Decathlon, for their generous sponsorship of prizes.

We want as many pupils as possible to use the shelter, of course. Cycling is such a healthy activity and one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  However, we must pay particular attention to our P7 children who, just that week, completed their Cylcing Proficiency Tests.  With Comber now linked to Belfast by the fantastic 'Comber Greenway', look out for more cycling promotions in school.