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February 2010

Although it's been a long winter, we're beginning to see signs of spring now - and we're still smiling!

Firstly, this notice is for Primary 7 children and parents:

Click here to find out costume information for Bugsy - crucially important!!!

So, it's out...  The great state secret that is, "What play are we doing this year?" has been revealed - our tribute to Alan Parker's fantastic, kid-friendly story of gansters and molls in 1920s America.  It's a gem of a show - you will all have to come and see!

February's weather has been fairly harsh, no doubt you'll all agree.  But imagine being just 9 or 10 and having to organise your own kit, your own packed lunch, your own unpacking and even your own duvet cover?  This is not a plan for a school of the future; rather it is a snippet of life at 'Seaboard' - Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre!  And it's one of the genuine highlights of the Primary 6 year; indeed one of the highlights of our children's school career at Andrews Memorial.

A week of challenges, opportunities, excitement, scary stuff, cooperation, building friendships awaits all who go - pupils and teachers.  As we've come to expect, the children had a ball and were a credit to themselves, their families and their school.  We've filled in the booking form for next year already - says it all!

These photos will give you a clue, too...  You can find more on the Gallery page of the website.

And one for the album...

February continued with the issuing of this year's 'Transfer' results - the 'mid-point' of what has already been a very long drawn out process, with a very significant degree of uncertainty among all concerned.  Thankfully, the parents of our Primary 7 children were calm and reasoned in their considerations about choices of future schools, despite the issues that prevailed over results and exactly what they meant.  We feel that we have done all we can to support both parents and children throughout.  Now we all have to wait and see what the end of May brings in terms of school placements.

It's a crying shame that this level of uncertainty remains; let's just hope that those in control of legislation, of policy, of testing, and of administration, work together with purpose in advance of next year's children entering their Primary 7 year. 

The school's new Board of Governors has now 'taken up office' and will be in place until 2013.  Our school is priveleged to have a Board that is wholly supportive of the school and the staff.  The membership of the Board represents wide-ranging interests, from educational as well as a professional perspectives.  We wish all the Governors well in their pursuits and duties - and thank them sincerely for giving up their time free of charge.  Governance is full of challenges, but, as we say in Andrews, also rich in opportunities.

One of those opportunities comes into focus in March of this year, with the establishment of our Titanic Centenary Planning Committee.  This group's aim is to set in place and plan a series of events to celebrate and commemorate the centenary of both the launch of the ship (May 1911) and the anniversary of its sinking (April 2012).  The 2011-2012 school year represents a real challenge for us all - to balance the sense of technological achievement of one of the world's great shipyards, with the sensitive commemoration of the loss of so many lives.

Andrews Memorial is, of course, named after Thomas Andrews Jr, Titanic's chief designer.  Our wonderful Andrews Memorial Hall is built in his memory and has been at the centre of Comber life since its opening in 1915.  We hope that our whole school community, and beyond, will join us in linking our children to their past, with the hall at the centre of events.

If you have any ideas about how we can appropriately remember and celebrate, please contact us at school, or through the website.