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November 2009

Hopefully, you have been reading about our new pupil, Jofli Bear.  Well, there's more exciting news of Jofli's travels to faraway places - St Vincent & the Grenadines in the Caribbean, no less!
Jofli was accompanied by a tour guide known well to us - Dr Christopher Stange, who is the Consul for the islands and whose business is based in Comber.  Dr Stange introduced Jofli to the Education Minister, the Hon. Girlyn Miguel, who was very interested to hear of our school's contribution of dictionaries to children whose schools had been damaged in last year's hurricanes.  Jofli also visited a Fairtrade banana farm - the islands' most well-known crop  - as well as a few 'hotspots' (see below).

A happy, smiling Education Minister with her new pal Inspecting bananas destined for our shores

Checking out the view from Fort Charlotte in Kingstown Well, one has to, doesn't one?

Our Primary 4 children have been getting stuck into their usual rich diet of 'topic' work since September.  They have been learning about World War 2 in recent weeks as part of the 'Wolrd Around Us' curriculum and have enjoyed two special experiences in association with the topic.  Firstly, they visited Mount Stewart, Newtownards, where they learned about life just after the war, when rationing was still very much the norm.  Secondly, they were treated to a talk by Michael Hanafin, who was evacuated from London during the Blitz.  Hearing Michael's story of his journey to Worksop in 1943, as a very young boy only the same age as those listening, really brought to life the children's story from the war years - a story, of course, that the boys and girls were eager to learn.

Like nearly 14000 other Primary 7 children in Northern Ireland this term, many of our children have been sitting 'entrance tests' in recent weeks, to gain a place in local Grammar schools.  The boys and girls have been working really hard in preparing for their  tests and are now looking forward to the last one, this Saturday.  The staff in school have been keeping the pupils focused and relaxed in the run up to the tests, drawing on their many years' experience of preparing children for the now defunct Transfer Tests.  We've been working on some music / art appreciation on Friday afternoons, too, and before the first test had relaxation sessions, accompanied by appropriate music - maybe a future staff development day!
Let's just hope that when the results come out in February 2010, that the children's dedication and efforts are rewarded.

The end of the month saw the annual visit to school from the Life Education Centre - a specially designed unit for teaching children about themselves, their lifestyles and relationships.  Andrews has valued input from the LEC for many years and this year was very pleased to lend its support to a campaign to fund the centre for the future.  It's such a shame that the extremely valuable learning provided by the LEC staff is under threat due to funding limitations, but we will continue to campaign on its behalf.

Finally, we wish you a smooth run up to Christmas - all the details of the school's services are on the Calendar page of the website.  We hope to see many of you at these - and at the PTA Christmas Fair in the Andrews Hall on Friday, 4 December 2009.