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September 2009

Welcome back!

It's that time of year again - the pencil cases, bags, uniforms and shoes are dusted down or replaced and bedtimes seem to matter again...

Welcome back to a new school year.  We trust that everyone has had lots of fun over the summer months and will return to school with a big smile and sense of anticipation, maybe even excitement!

The school grounds are now looking fantastic, thanks to the removal of the old and decaying mobile classrooms.  Not only has this resulted in extra playground space, but the Andrews Hall can now be seen in all its glory.  As we move towards the Titanic centenary in 2012, the care and development of this fantastic building become ever more crucial and important for the whole of Comber.  Unfortunately, some people still regard our school grounds as a 'safe haven' for anti-social behaviour, but we are in consultation with the police and SEELB over the installation of CCTV and possibly extra fencing.  Let's hope that the new term offers these individuals less time for hanging around and vandalising our grounds.

Another concern for us all at the moment is the spread of Swine Flu.  Current guidance highlights the shift from planning for an outbreak, to treating one; the virus exists and is spreading, and schools have to play their part in helping to control that spread.  Essentially, we have to focus on hygiene - children washing their hands carefully (with liquid soap or anti-bacterial spray), as well as using tissues to 'catch it, bin it, kill it'.

Parents can help us, of course, by adopting identical practices at home and by providing children with tissues.  We will be sending out advice and guidance as and when it becomes available. However, by clicking here you can access the SEELB website, where you will find relevant links and up-to-date information.

And now for more of this month's news...

What we hope will be a happy, safe, exciting and interesting journey begins for all our Primary 1 children in September.  In school, we're the lucky because we witness the children settle and develop friendships, get used to routines, cope with challenges and have lots of fun - but mums and dads miss out a wee bit.  So, here are a few photos to remind you what P1 is like:



The Primary 4 boys and girls look forward to their visit from 'the Owl Man' every year.  Last year, one of the owls wasn't very well, but this year all three were healthy and patient visitors to the Andrews Hall.  The Eagle Owl, in particular, is such an amazing bird - with talons and a hunting ability that make it an almost unbeatable predator.


Our Primary 6 children enjoyed a visit to Delamont, Killyleagh, to talk to some Vikings and learn about their lifestyle.  They had a fantastic time and the teachers agreed that the learning expereinces were well beyond those they could ever create in the classroom.  Closer to home, the P6s also enjoyed discovering more about the history of Comber, itself.  Using a 'walking guide' prepared by staff at Comber Primary School, the children have visited the town on several occasions and enjoyed a tour of St Mary's from Canon Barry.






The Primary 5 children have also been studying their 'World Around Us' topic of 'Early Man', this time through a visit from experts who brought the topic to life through art and design activities.  All the children had great fun making axes and clay pots.  They also ground corn and investigated early bread making - a fitting end to a busy day!

And last but not least, news of a new pupil...

He's soft and cuddly, cute and very, very friendly - he's Jofli Bear!  Jofli (a name made up from his mission, to discover the 'Journey of Life').  Jofli was donated to us by Alison, from the Old Post Office, Lisbane and he's already been to visit the Vikings at Delamont (see above) and a school we are working with in Staffordshire, England - more about this project soon.  Below, two photos, just in case you spot him around school.  Make sure to say hello!


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