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June 2009

Thanks to our sponsors

As promised, the final figures for our May Ball and Marathon PTA events:

May Ball - raised a total of £3881

Marathon - raised a total of £1400

Astronomical on all fronts!  The Ball could simply not have been such a fund-raising success without our Sponsors.  Click here for a full list - and keep giving them your business - we will!


Follow-up Inspection

In March 2006, the school had a focused Inspection on Numeracy, ICT and Pastoral Care.  The report highlighted significant strengths, as well as two areas that required a response.  Both areas were addressed and, in the light of a new Principal being appointed, updated during this year.

Our follow-up inspection took place on 3 June.  The Inspectors were really pleased with the lessons they saw and the paperwork which backed the work of the school and the staff in the interim period.  Everyone deserves a huge vote of thanks; the Governors were also very pleased.  Copies of the report are available from the school on request.  Just contact us through the usual channels.


Sports Days

This year, with support from the PTA, the school resurrected its P4 - 7 Sports Day, with Comber Rec FC very generously providing their fantastic facilities for us on 11 June.  We had a fantastic Family Fun Day - in glorious sunshine - with games and activities for all the family following the children's races.  There were visits from the Fire Service, the Air Ambulance and the PSNI, as well as football coaching sessions, refreshments and an incredibly popular 'Walk the Plank' activity...  Could it have been related to the teachers being the (very brave) souls charged with walking the plank while being pelted with (very) wet sponges?

On 16 June, the sun was still shining for the P1 - 3 Sports Day - a lovely, family event, this time held in the school grounds.

Our thanks to the PTA for their support and to all the parents and friends who supported these very popular events.

Caudwell Xtreme Everest Expedition

No, we're not planning on climbing the world's tallest mountain...  we're just delighted to have met someone who has!  Dr Nigel Hart, a N. Ireland doctor who took part in this expedition in 2006 came to talk to the children and tell them about the extreme conditions, the challenges and the dangers of his climb to the top of the world.  Naturally, the expedition aimed to reach the summit, but it was also a dedicated research project, which required the climbers to take part in exercise bike activities, and all sorts of medical experiments focused on discovering how the body reacts and survives in these conditions, despite the very low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream.

It was fascinating to learn about just how challenging the conditions are on Everest - and that these climbers even had to agree to have a little piece of muscle removed on the way up!

Dr Nigel Hart with two of Andrews' budding climbers - maybe one day they, too, will sit at the top of the world...  The picture below shows Nigel doing precisely that!



End of Year Assemblies

We love an oppportunity to use our fabulous Andrews Hall!  The end of the school year was celebrated in style with three lovely assemblies - the P1-3 End of Year Service, the Charity Assembly and the Leavers' Assembly.

As ever, our children performed, sang, read and sang wonderfully; all the guests and parents who attended were provided with a real treat.

We were delighted to welcome back our recently retired Principal, Mr Derek Henderson, to present the prizes at the Leavers' Assembly.  Regular readers of this website news column will know how much success Andrews has enjoyed this year; there was much for us all to celebrate as we pass our wonderful Primary 7 children on to their next schools; for Derek, it was a lovely opportunity to relax and enjoy the event with out the pressure of organising it.  It was appropriate, too, that he had a chance to say goodbye to a group of children he knows very well.


Au Revoir...

Our final message to you all is this French one - goodbye and we'll see you again, soon.  Have a wonderful, relaxing and happy summer; let's hope the sun continues to shine and everyone returns to school safe and well in September.  We are sad to be losing a great Primary 7 year group, but we are also excited to be welcoming a new set of Primary 1 children.  We wonder what adventures lie ahead for them...?