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April 2009

Sporting Successes

April saw three fantastic sporting successes for the school - the basketball squad won the Ards Borough Council's tournament, the netball squad won the Ards Primary Schools' tournament and the footballers won the Ards Borough Council's Primary Schools' knock-out cup.

We're really proud of all the children - our teams have enjoyed great success this year, which is a fantastic reward for everyone's efforts throughout the season.  The boys and girls have rallied to the teachers' calls for practice, the parents have provided trsansport and support, and the teachers have shown genuine enthusiasm and commitment on the children's behalf.  The school has always taken pride in participating in as many sports as possible.  This year, with winning teams, everyone is enjoying the icing on the cake!

Winning smiles at the final whistle


We did it - and we've the certificates and medals to prove it!

A true hero visits school

Every now and then, we get the chance to meet someone who genuinely inspires us, someone who has conquered adversity and someone for whom the word 'can't' just doesn't exist.

The Primary 4 children spent several weeks following the adventures of one such person, Mark Pollock, originally from Bangor.  Mark came to school to meet the Primary 4 children in person, but he stopped off in assembly first, to tell lots more of us about his recent challenge - a trek to the Antarctic and South Pole.  This trek across miles of ice, pulling a sled and exposed to weather most of us can barely imagine, is amazing enough, but Mark is blind and managed to pull his own sled all the way to the Pole.  He told us about the initial heartache of becoming blind, very much in the prime of his life, and then about how he set himself goal after goal to conquer both his feelings about being deprived of his sight, as well as to motivate himself and inspire others.

Mark makes a career out of inspirational speaking and we know why.  After hearing Mark's talk, a P7 boy was heard to say, "He is a true hero!"  Absolutely!

Cosy, eh?

Wild West Fest - 2 April 2009

A lot a hollarin', a lotta whoopin', a lotta lassoin', even a lotta steppin out...

We had a ball!  Our 'themed day' on the Wild West was a great success, with everyone, absolutely everyone, in school taking part - cowboys, cowgirls and native Americans everywhere!

An incredibly hard working team of Primary 7 children organised classroom activities and games for every class.  The staff were not only grateful for the children's help, they really entered into the spirit throughout the day - including supporting the Sherrif with some basic line dancing instruction in his efforts to keep everyone on their toes...

We also raised nearly £300.

Our children work hard in Andrews and we are all extremely proud of them.  This day was a reward for their effort and commitment, as well as the staff's, and made the end of term celebrations especially memorable.  Everyone went off on their Easter holidays with a smile!

Here are some photos that don't need any further commentary...