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March 2009

Visit from Sir Hugh Orde

Sir Hugh Orde, Chief Constable of the PSNI, got March underway with some considerable excitement...  By agreeing to visit our school!

Sir Hugh is an extraordinarily busy man and we are extremely grateful to him for giving us that most valuable of asssets - his time.  He shared some stories about his life as a policeman 'on the beat' in London and then answered questions about his current role in Northern Ireland.  The questions were posed by the children themselves and Sir Hugh commended the children on the quality and relevance of their questions - as well as their difficulty!

The children also presented a powerpoint on the school and sang what has become a real favourite in our reportoire, 'Be Yourself'.  We hope that Sir Hugh was able to find a little time with us, to be just that.


Cross-country success

For some time now, the P7 children have been training for their local and regional cross-country races by lapping the school grounds under the watchful eyes of their teachers.  The races took place this month, at Londonderry Park and the Billy Neill Grounds, respectively.  In the local event, one of our boys and one of the girls finished 3rd and 2nd in their events - a fabulous achievement given that each race had over 120 entrants.  In the regional event, Shannon finished 8th and Lex, 48th - even after losing his shoe three times!

We also had several runners finishing in the top 20 - again, a fantastic effort, as the races were 1500m in length, which is a genuine test for a Primary school-aged child.

Start or finish...?