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February 2009

Three cheers for Fairtrade!!!

Fairtrade is an important movement for promoting environmentally sensitive food production in the developing world.  However, it's not just about achieving a fair price for the crops.  Commitment to Fairtrade promotes production standards and provides resources for whole communities, such as better health care.

While our Primary 6 children have been learning about Fairtrade in the classroom, we all received a massive boost to our knowledge with a visit from Cornelius Lynch, a Fairtrade banana farmer from St Lucia.  Cornelius gave us a fantastic presentation about his work at home and as a representative of his country's farmers.  He was accompanied by Dr Christopher Stange (Hon Consul for St Vincent and the Grenadines) and Catherine Brogan (Uk Fairtrade Foundation).  Dr Stange is also Secretary of Fairtrade Belfast - the UK's and Ireland's only designated Fairtrade city!

Just a thought...  Our school is in a town famous for its potatoes - delicious potatoes at that.  But where do our canteen potatoes come from?  Moira, that's where!  Surely food for thought...


P6 Seaboard - the second installment...

As promised, more photos from our second Primary 6 trip to Seaboard.  Amazingly, this class also had fabulous, sunny weather and got to canoe on Strangford Lough, just like the first group.  And just like them, the children were a credit to themselves, their parents and their school.

When Saturday comes...

Saturday, 7 February 2009, sees the publication of this year's Transfer Test results.

No-one in Northern Ireland can be immune from the current discussions surrounding this test and its future - or lack of one - but right now we all have to focus on this year's entrants, our current Primary 7 pupils.

Sometimes in all the 'debate', we can forget who really matters in this procedure - the children.  All schools exist purely for the benefit of children and their learning - personal, social, emotional, sporting, musical and academic.  Primary schools genuinely epitomise this holistic approach to the development of the 'whole child'; all are 'all ability' schools.

So, let's wish our pupils good luck on Sarturday!  They've all worked extremely hard this year, whether they sat the tests in November or not.

Mr Henderson, previous Principal of this school, had a great way of approaching Saturday and putting it in context.  To paraphrase...

'The child who wakes up on Saturday morning is the same one as went to sleep on the Friday night - and no letter will ever change that...'

Let's hope that Saturday brings smiles and excitement for everyone - whatever you do, have a great weekend!

P6 Seaboard - the first installment...

Our Primary 6 pupils have been visiting Killyleagh Outdoor Education Centre for many years.  The trip is so loved by the children, that many highlight it as their one outstanding memory of their time at Andrews.  They face many challenges - canoeing, climbing, adventure walking, archery, orienteering, learning about survival techniques - but the two that really test them are...

Putting on a duvet cover and making their sandwiches for lunch!

Everyone can be really proud of themselves - everyone tried something new during the week.  Just as important as trying the activities, the class learnt a lot about teamwork, support and respect along the way.  And finally... A huge thank you to the teachers who accompanied the class and the instructors at the centre.  Without them, the trip quite simply wouldn't happen.

These photos give just a little taste.  More will follow when the other class visit later this month.