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December 2008

Remember - school re-opens on Monday 5 January 2009 at the normal time.

Happy Christmas!

From everyone at Andrews Memorial, have a wonderful, peaceful and relaxing Christmas holiday!

The boys and girls have been celebrating Christmas through their Carol Services and Nativity Play performances.  The Andrews Hall was full for all performances - deserving recognition for the many talents among both the children and staff.

Our parents, friends and families also made extremely generous donations to a number of charities - totalling over £1000!

Our P1 children, with an eye to ECO issues, have a Christmas tree donated by one of our families.  This year was its second visit to Andrews and we look forward to meeting it again in 2009!

Stars of the future...  Some photos from the Nativity Play - the Little Angel...

Rebuilding Comber...  the P1 way...

Learning in Primary 1 has always been about children interacting, working together and 'experimenting' - particularly through play.  Fortunately, the curriculum now places even greater emphasis on this type of learning. It is essential and integral to children's skills development in the early years at school.

As part of their topic on 'houses', our P1s have been planning, designing and building their own houses.  They have experimented with construction using a variety of materials, tested their products and improved them.  They've had a huge amount of fun - real, interactive, activity-based learning.

Perhaps most of all, the children have been thinking and problem solving - and talking a lot about their work.

It's been a brilliant experience.  The result can be seen below; a whole town - their version of Comber - including the Square and Gillespie Monument!

And after all this hard work, the finished product...