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November 2008

Hot off the press...

All over for another year..  Maybe even the last year...

Congratulations to every one of our Primary 7 children; they've survived the rigours of Transfer Test preparation and come out smiling.  Thanks to the children, the staff and the parents for working together to get the job done.  All can be very proud of their efforts.  Now, it's time to relax, smile and enjoy the weekend!


It's always wonderful when an idea works well, especially if children benefit from the results.  Miss Fisher, our Charity Coordinator, had one a while ago which we can all confidently say was a huge success.

On 14 November 2008, we organised a fund-raising event to help Primary school children on the Carribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines.  The islands suffered recent hurricane damage and our collection is being used to buy new dictionaries.  We heard about the damage from Dr Christopher Stange, Hon Consul to the islands, who works in Comber, and who we hope to work with in building a link between Andrews and this very interesting part of the world.

The idea was for the children to bring in their coppers - their spare change - to make a line of coins around the Andrews Hall.  Simple?  But look at the results!  What an incredible effort; what amazing generosity; and what great fun!  Much, much more than spare change was collected and the children can be extremely proud.

We have so many coins, we haven't even finished counting the total yet - so watch this space...


Just some of the amazing collection...

More Whiteboard Action in Primaries 4 and 6

Mrs Hanafin's and Mrs Barry's classes were promised a picture this month, to show off their lovely new interactive whiteboards - so here they are, along with what we hope will be a really valuable and exciting new learning resource.

Our thanks to our super Parent Teacher Association who funded both purchases.  Please continue to support your PTA - it's efforts are all for your children.