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September 2008


The new school year brings change and opportunity for everyone; here at Andrews Memorial, we welcome all the children back to their new classes and teachers for the beginning of what we hope will be a busy and successful year.

We also welcome two new members of staff:

Mrs Lorraine Lutton - Foundation Stage Classroom Assistant

Mr Ralph Magee - Principal

We also wish Mr Derek Henderson, our previous Principal, a very happy, peaceful and fulfilling retirement.  Mr Henderson leaves Andrews after a long and successful career; Mr Magee inherits a school with real strengths in its staff and teaching, as well as a strong reputation within the community.  It is his immediate challenge to build on these and ensure Andrews continues to develop in all aspects of learning and teaching.  We hope there will exciting times ahead, too!

For the Primary 1 pupils, the start of September is the beginning of a great big adventure and it's very important to pay the children lots of attention to help them settle into school life.  However, with caring and experienced staff, the children soon find their feet - look at these smiley faces!

All schools are actively engaging with the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum, introduced in 2007.  This year, sees the second year of implementation for the Primary 1 and Primary 5 children.

The Primary 1 children, and now the Primary 2s, who together make up the Foundation Stage, have had an exciting development in their play, with the addition of outdoor play equipment, such as scooters, trikes and ball games.  Their opinion?  This smile says it all...

However, the curriculum is not all new, and incorporates many of the strengths of the previous curriculum, such as rich, cross-curricular topics.  Primary 5 children have been studying 'Early Man' for a number of years and our pupils recently spent the day learning about life in early times, taking part in variouis group-based activities and even grinding their own flour and making porridge on an outdoor bonfire!  The photo below shows the children busy manufacturing some modern-day 'stone-age' tools.