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Andrews Memorial HallAndrews Memorial, a controlled, co-educational Primary school, was established by the South Eastern Education and Library Board in 1973 and has served the community of Comber and district since that time.  The current enrolment is around 350  pupils and the present staffing is Principal, Vice Principal and twelve Assistant Teachers.  Ancillary staff includes the school secretary, caretaker, classroom assistants, cleaners, lunch-time supervisors, school crossing patrols and meals staff.

The main school building, opened in 1979, contains fifteen classrooms, an assembly hall, a computer suite and a separate dining hall.  The well appointed Andrews Memorial Hall is an integral part of the school and is not only used extensively by the school, but by a variety of community groups.  The hall was built in memory of Sir Thomas Andrews, designer of many famous ships at Harland and Wolff's yard in Belfast, including, of course, the Titanic.  Please look out for more Titanic-related information in the coming months.

In line with recent educational reforms, the school aims to provide a broad, balanced curriculum and has a high reputation for sound teaching.  School policy aims to strike a balance between the best of new methodology and those qualities and standards from the past, which discerning parents still hold in high regard.

The experienced and committed teaching staff is organised within the management structure to meet pupils' needs through a Leadership Team, Learning Teams, year group teams and teachers with special responsibilities relating to the curriculum, resources and the safeguarding of pupils.

The school's safeguarding policies are listed below.  To view a policy, simply click on its name.  Paper copies are available on request.




Acceptable use of the Internet



Child Protection



Health and Safety

Intimate Care

Pastoral Care

Parental Complaints Procedure

Special Education Needs

The Promotion of Positive Behaviour and Discipline

The Board of Governors delegates the running of the school to the Principal and staff, but retains overall responsibility for its curriculum provision and financial management.  The Governors take a keen interest in the school and in promoting its place in the wider community.  The most recent Annual Report can be accessed by clicking here.

We are conscious of the need to extend the pupils and to enrich their experience.  To that end, educational visits to local centres of interest are integral parts of the curriculum.  The older children have opportunities to take part in residential trips within and beyond Northern Ireland.

The school has a strong musical and dramatic tradition and offers a wide range of after-school and sporting activities.  Details of these are outlined in the Prospectus section of the website.

Cordial relationships exist between the school and parents.  There is a flourishing Parent Teacher Association which is extremely supportive and is untiring in its efforts on behalf of the school.

For more detailed information on the school and how it functions, along with its targets, you can access the School Development Plan via the link below.  This plan will operate for this and the next two academic years.  The Curriculum Action Plans are published here, too, alongsiide the school's policy on Learning and Teaching; for a full copy of the Plan, please contact the school (the version here is reproduced without the Appendices).  Additionally, should you rewuire a 'hard' copy of any policy documents, please contact us adn we will be happy to oblige.

School Development Plan 2014-17

Policy on Learning and Teaching

Curriculum Action Plans for 2014-17:

The Arts

Language & Literacy

Learning & Assessment

Personal Development & Mutual Understanding (PDMU)

Physical Education (PE)

School in the Community

Using Mathematics

Using ICT

The World Around Us